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Passing through Wilmington NC in the early 90’s I met stumbled on a movie company shooting in the old Downtown. A PA waved to me to stop and turning away I met a grizzled, paint-spattered, cigarette smoking troll of a man, paintbrush in hand, concealing himself behind a wall. He turned out to be the Scenic Charge ( a.k.a. Head Painter). He said, “Anyone can do this shit.” I shortly found myself equally well spattered, working on my first movie. The painter became a friend. He lived hard and the life and work took its toll but there are a number of people making a good living today because Bob Testerman taught them how to paint.
Production companies generally came to NC because it cost them less to make movies. They found a capable crew base and would use local talent if it saved the expense of flying someone in. I was offered opportunities to try many things and handling those was offered more. Lucky for me I had friends who could coach me through the projects I agreed to do.
I have experience and credits as Scenic Artist, Scenic Charge, Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist, and Sculptor, as well as Art Director and Designer on a few projects. Storyboard work indicated in Bold.
I have left the business several times, but I keep coming back. Currently I live and work out of New Mexico and I am available for commissions or hire. Have Paintbrush, Will Travel.
Feature Film and Television 1990 – 2009
    * Cowboys and Aliens - painter
    * Paul – paint dept. gang boss
    * Book of Eli – scenic artist
    * Georgia O’Keefe – scenic artist
    * Run for her Life – scenic artist
    * Army Wives, (episode 1, A Tribe Is Born )– hero art
    * The List – hero art
    * The Notebook – storyboard artist
    * Idlewild – scenic artist
    * Loggerheads – art director
    * A Walk to Remember – storyboard artist
    * Black Knight – scenic artist
    * The In Crowd – scenic artist
    * Freedom Song – concept artist/storyboards
    * Holy Joe – storyboard artist
    * Muppets from Space – scenic artist, sculptor
    * Elmo in Grouchland – scenic artist, storyboards
    * Body Count –scenic charge/head painter
    * Country Justice –scenic charge/head painter
    * Best Friends for Life –scenic charge/head painter
    * Justice in a Small Town –scenic charge/head painter
    * Blue River – hero art, landscape painting coach
    * Deceiver –scenic charge/head painter
    * The Grave –scenic charge/head painter
    * My Teacher’s Wife (Learning Curve) – storyboard artist, murals
    * Empire Records – concept artist, storyboard artist
    * Once Upon a Time…When We Were Colored – illustrator
    * Sophie and the Moon-hanger - storyboard artist
    * Fall Time – illustrations
    * The Crow – scenic artist (for model shop)
    * Radioland Murders – “art dept. special projects”: Radioland stage backdrop, scenery
    * Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 – costume drawings (for casting purposes)  
    * Rambling Rose – backdrops
    * Alan and Naomi – quick sketch street artist
    * Secrets from The Rose Garden – scenic artist
    * Amos and Andrew – set painter, hero art
Episodic TV
    * One Tree Hill – scenic artist, backdrops
    * Dawson’s Creek – illustration, storyboards & backdrops
    * American Gothic – concept art, main set mural design & execution, storyboards
    * Young Indiana Jones Chronicles – storyboards & murals
    * The Road Home – set painting, storyboards & backdrops
Other film work (as painter/scenic artist)
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood • Hudsucker Proxy • Road to Wellville • Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics • Super Mario Brothers • This World, then the Fireworks • Vault of Love • Face on a Milk Carton • Margaret Mitchell Story • One of Her Own • Leave of Absence • In a Child’s Name • Bastard Out of Carolina • Twilight Man • Kiss the Girls • Aunt Julia • Betsy’s Wedding  • A Kiss Before Dying
    * Nickelodeon, storyboards; Gatorade, storyboards; Nickelodeon, art director, Sponge Bob commercial; Carolina Power & Light, scenic artist, Direct TV, scenic artist
Painting Churches
    •  Paint & Restoration, Trinity Church, Copley Sq., Boston, Mass
    •  Chapel Design for Maryknoll Sisters, Leon, Nicaragua
    •  Caretaker, Friends Meeting House, Wilmington, NC
    •  Sanctuary Mural for Presbyterian Church, Manaus, Brazil
    •   Vesper George School, Commercial Art and Illustration, Boston, MA
    •   Museum School, Boston: figure drawing, film animation
    •   private study:  Bob Cormier, Director, Guild School of the Guild of Boston Artists
    •   B.S. Art Therapy, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA
    •   2.5 years toward MFA in Studio Arts from ECU, Greenville NC : online gallery of paintings, drawings, sculpture, political art, assemblage : where every week for ten months in 2008 I posted original narrative images as prompts for writers and collected and published the submissions.